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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Canadian Meat Sticks...

Yes, really, that is what they are called. I saw them at a local store and couldn't resist taking a picture of the logo, but didn't realize until much later what the wording on the package was. Still makes me chuckle. Sort of reminded me of the ole Sgt. Rock comics.


Oh, and I now remember what I was wanting to write about earlier tonight, but never got around to it due to my head falling off my shoulders. A thick, juicy steak that I was gifted with for dinner.



thormoo T. Davis said...

Sgt Rock along with GI Combat's Haunted Tank were staples for me as a boy. There were a few other WWII oriented Comics but those two were awesome...I still have them in storage somewhere but I doubt they'd be worth anything other then sentimental value because I read them to pieces...literally!

Spockgirl said...

I remember you mentioning that on a post I did. There was another comic called Weird War that I had forgotten about. I think I saved one box of miscellaneous comicbooks, but don't know what happened to the rest. Might be kind of fun to revisit those.