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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Close your eyes...

and sink your teeth into this:

Big sis came to the door yesterday with a package of steak wrapped in brown butcher's paper. I almost internally combusted when I looked at the label. She said it was an early birthday present. Zoinks! Thank you!

Unable to describe it. I cooked it in butter on an old cast iron pan, with hot pepper flakes and a bit of freshly ground sea salt. As it was sizzling away, I could almost taste it. When it was at an appropriate stage of readiness and I put it gently to rest on the plate for a bit, I was almost salivating. As I was slicing, thinly, diagonally, slowly into its soft, tender, moist...  I was almost drooling. That first bite? I almost died. It almost melted in my mouth, or I almost melted into the floor. However, I had to cook it a little bit more. It was a damn fine piece of meat. And... no, I didn't eat the whole thing.

Today, I couldn't remember the full name of the cut, so I went and checked. I just about had a heart attack when I noticed the price was $10 more per kilogram than I had thought I read on it yesterday. Had to use the calculator to do some figuring. Anyways... it was an 11 oz New York Striploin Grilling Steak that cost $8.54. It doesn't look that expensive when you see it written down like that, but if you do the backwards math in order to see the price per kg that I saw? Zoinks.


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