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Friday, March 9, 2012

I tried...

Not feeling quite right with something going on with my throat and me in general earlier. I felt as though I was swimming inside my head. Or...  something more like I couldn't think properly because there was a little rubber ducky swimming around inside my head. I was in bed with lights off before 9pm. Gasp! Unbelievable! But... yes, if I'm in bed that early, something is definitely wrong. I know I slept ... I dreamed a dream. For some reason, against better judgment, I had climbed into the back of a pickup truck. I don't know why. I don't actually think that climbing into it was part of the dream itself. I was sitting in the back trying to decide when I should get out, but by the time I decided, it had picked up a little too much speed and went much farther up a mountain road than I should have gone. I was starting to get a little worried, so opened up the back canopy, slid out and jumped from the moving vehicle. As I was sliding out, I saw the driver and passenger look back, and I knew they were going to stop. I survived the jump, and limping badly, started to walk back down the road. The truck stopped and the driver, a smarmy, dark looking man started talking to me, and I stopped to turn around. He approached and I noticed he had a rock in his fist. He started trying to hit me with the rock, but he kept missing. I woke up. It was only 11:56pm. My entire body was hot. I would consider it another one of those... what I call "fever dreams". As for getting a little extra sleep in? I tried.

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