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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

There are some things I shall not forget to remember...

Today (yesterday now) in the U.S. was Memorial Day, which is more akin to our Remembrance Day (the date which used to be known as Armistice Day, but in the States became known as Veterans Day).


I have not been much in attendance here and have not had much interest in the activities which used to fill my time. I fear sometimes that I may be losing my mind. Not as in going insane, but rather losing more of the memories, thoughts and data that used to fill it. It is somewhat like I have unwittingly done so by letting go of superfluous information in simplifying the way I process things. Oddly enough, I do now, however, remember things that seem to be closer to my heart than my mind, such as this.
To honour the fallen since last time:
US (Guam (2), California (6), Massachusetts,
      Kansas, Oklahoma, New York (2), Idaho,
      Texas (2), Oregon, Colorado (2), Hawaii,
      Virginia (2), Kentucky (2), Washington,
      South Carolina (2), Pennsylvania (2),
      Tennessee, Puerto Rico, Florida, Indiana)
UK (4)


Inner Prop said...

I don't get too many chances to come here because of my busy schedule, but I knew that you would honor the fallen and wanted to stop by and pay my respects with you.

I'm glad the list is getting shorter.

You do keep the important things in mind. You are a good person for it.

If you fear forgetting, write it down, it will help.

Spockgirl said...

Thanks for stopping by. I haven't been out visiting other blogs much at all either, but nothing to do with a busy schedule or life.

Yes, the list is getting shorter on a whole, but this seems like many for the time that has passed since last I did this...

No, the fear is not in the forgetting, but yes, if it were, then writing it down would help. The fear is in the fact that there are no words, there is no longer a reason to write things down, nor is there the capacity with which to do so.